The Pardee Center

The Frederick S. Pardee Center for International Futures is the home of long-term forecasting and global trend analysis at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies on the University of Denver campus. The core of the Center's forecasting efforts is the Patterns of Potential Human Progress (PPHP) series. This project produces annual volumes on human development topics, beginning with global poverty reduction, which can be purchased or downloaded for free. The second published volume, Advancing Global Education, can also be purchased or downloaded . Each volume includes tables with long-term country-level forecasts across the various issue areas of the IFs model. [...more]

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International Futures

International Futures (IFs) is a large-scale, long-term, integrated global modeling system. It represents demographic, economic, energy, agricultural, socio-political, and environmental subsystems for 183 countries interacting in the global system. The central purpose of IFs is to facilitate exploration of global futures through alternative scenarios. The model is integrated with a large database containing values for its many foundational data series since 1960. Through this web site IFs is freely available to users both on-line and in downloadable form. [...more]